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Corner Cottage House Details


Our house is very special to us and you are welcome to be using it. However, we would request that you take every care of the house and the things in it so that we can keep it looking nice for ourselves and our other guests.

Please report any problems immediately to me (contact details).

We allow well-behaved dogs but please do not smoke in our house. We appreciate your co-operation.

Enjoy your stay.


The main bedroom has a king-size bed, bedroom 2 has a standard double bed and the third bedroom has two single beds. In the attic the small room at the front of the house has one standard sized single bed and the main room has two single beds. All beds have duvets and pillows and we provide all bed linen. Winter and summer weight duvets are provided for all beds.

Laundry is processed for us by our agents and returned in a black holdall, which you should find in the hall or in the cupboard under the stairs. When you arrive, this holdall may contain the used linen from previous guests, or alternatively clean processed linen. You should not need to do anything with the contents of the holdall until you leave. You should find your beds made up and towels available in each bedroom. When you leave we ask you to prepare the bedrooms for the next guests, details are given in Details for Departure

The twin room has a reclining bed which was used by Sue. Please make sure that children do not play on the bed.

The main room in the attic opens directly to the stairs which are steep and narrow. Consequently, this room would not be suitable for young children unless a stair gate is used. Whatever the room is used for, please take great care with the stairs as they are steep and quite awkward. Coming down them backwards is recommended.

If you need to change the duvet on any of the ground floor beds, there are spares in the attic cupboard. There are 10.5 tog and 4.5 tog duvets available for each bed. Also in that cupboard you will find further spare bedding and towels if you need them, although it should not be necessary.


The kitchen on the first floor offers comprehensive facilities for catering and sufficient seating for 6 to 8 to eat. The kitchen includes an oven, 4-ring hob, microwave oven, refrigerator and dishwasher. Washing and drying facilities and a large fridge/freezer are also available in the basement.

On the wall next to the door you will find controls for the hot water. On the left is a timer that controls the main immersion heater and the right-hand switch is for the secondary immersion heater. Please see details below on how to use.

Refuse and Recycling Collection

In a small Cornish village like Polruan, refuse collection and recycling are challenging. Please observe the correct procedures to avoid problems.

Cornwall Council has a comprehensive re-cycling and refuse collection service, but due to the limited access in the village and the hazard from the seagulls, we have to cooperate with the bin-men.

Refuse Collection

Refuse should be placed in strong black sacks and placed in the wheelie bin (marked “CORNER COTTAGE”) at the rear of the house in the small curtilage. You may find some black sacks which we have left under the sink, and which are suitable for the kitchen bin, but otherwise please obtain them from the Polruan shop. Please wrap carefully any food in the bins. The bins will be emptied on Monday mornings.

Always place refuse in black sacks and please do not put any loose rubbish or recycling, such as bottles and newspapers in the dustbin, as the bin men will not take it. Do not leave black bags out as the seagulls will tear them apart and make a huge mess.


Bags should be found in the basement for recycling. One is for paper and cardboard, one for bottles, and one for plastic and cans. Please place the recycling in these bags and leave them out on the relevant Monday morning. Recycling is collected fortnightly and there should be a printed timetable of collections on the notice board in the kitchen. Otherwise, consult the Cornwall Council web site for dates.

If you are leaving the house before the recycling collection day, please leave the bags in the basement, not by the dustbins. If you are in the house, please put out any bags that are already in the basement on collection day.

Living Room

Seating for 8 or so and dining for up to 10 people. There is a TV and a Blu Ray DVD player. The TV has internet connection and supports catch up TV and streaming services. The stereo is also available for CDs, and the radio (both DAB and FM). The HiFi has a small Bluetooth adapter connected to the AUX input. Just press the button on the top for a while until the light comes on and you can connect any BT device (BT ID BT4807).

The electric fire has controls under the flap at the front. Ensure the fire is plugged directly into the wall outlet and not the extension lead.

Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband internet connection is available. To set up the wireless link you need to connect to SSID: CornerCottage using key: CCPolruan. Remember key and password are case sensitive.


The basement can be used for storage and some games. There is a utility area with a washing machine and a tumble drier. The utility area also has a drying line which is secured to the two hooks on the far wall and locked using the handle on the side of the unit. The electric fan should be used when drying in the utility area. There is also a dehumidifier in the cupboard which helps drying. There is a dryer/airer kept in the basement cupboard. Please return it if you use it.

There is a pool/snooker table, dart board and table football. We provide darts, but please take care. Please do not lose the snooker balls or the table footballs.

We also provide a large fridge/freezer which can be used when larger groups are staying and the kitchen fridge is too small.

The main water stop cock is under the sink in the basement.

main water stop cock situated under the sink in the basement
Location of the stop cock under the sink


electrical cupboard with fuses etc.
Location of the circuit breakers

The electricity switches and circuit breakers are situated in the cupboard just inside the door to the basement. These circuit breakers are quite sensitive and will trip quite easily. They can be reset by switching up the tripped switch. If the electrical problem persists the switch will not stay in the up position. Please contact me immediately if such a problem occurs.

Hot Water and the Heated Towel Rail

Heating in the shower room is provided by the heated towel rail. It has a controller to set the heat level at the bottom left corner and the timer controller outside the door is set to turn on during the night to provide a warm room and dry towels in the morning.

Hot water is provided by an immersion heater on a similar timer controller in the kitchen.


You should not need do nothing with the timer other than to switch it on when you arrive and off when you leave.

The ADVANCE button cycles through 4 states: NORMAL PROGRAMME - ADVANCE ie OFF to ON or ON to OFF - ON OVERRIDE, ie switched ON regardless of the programme - OFF OVERRIDE ie switched OFF regardless of the programme - back to NORMAL PROGRAMME ie as programmed. When you arrive, press ADVANCE once to switch it to the ADVANCE state and when leaving you need to press ADVANCE three times to get it to the OFF OVERRIDE state.

If the programming becomes reset

If the time becomes reset press the TIME button for about 3 seconds and the year will show. Increase with the OVERRIDE button and decrease with the BOOST button. Press TIME to move to months and repeat until the day, hour and minutes are set.

For the hot water timer/controller. If the programme is corrupted press PROGRAMME for 3 seconds or so and the days of the week should show. Press PROGRAMME again and the first of four programme times will display. Set this to 06:00 using the OVERRIDE and BOOST buttons then press PROGRAMME again to move to the switch off time and set this to 10:00. Press PROGRAMME again and it will go to the next programmed time and set this to switch on at 18:00 and off at 20:00. Then press PROGRAMME again until you have cycled through the four programmes. Do not set programmes 3 or 4 to anything.

For the heated towel rail programme just one on and one off time to 02:00 and 10:00 respectively


The house is heated with electric radiators that can all be individually controlled at the radiator or via an app running on a smartphone. You should use the COMFORT setting and adjust the temperature as required using the +/- symbols. If you do have a baby with you there is an option that will ensure the surface temperature of the radiator will not burn. At the moment, the remote setting and control of the radiators is not functional due to the provider going bust. I'm working on it.

Please ensure all radiators are set to the default anti-frost mode at 7 degrees when not in use.


The phone number is 01726 870053.


The address is: Corner Cottage, Chapel Lane, Polruan, Cornwall, PL23 1PG.


The doors have door closers for building regulations reasons. We provide door wedges to keep them open as required but please ensure the doors are closed at night.

Smoke alarms are fitted on the ground, first and attic floors. They are mains powered with battery back-up. If they beep, please replace the battery. Do not remove the battery. A fire blanket is provided in the kitchen. Fire extinguishers are sited:

Bathrooms/Shower Rooms

The bathroom on the first floor has an electric shower which is switched on by the switch on the ceiling by the door. The shower room on the ground floor has a power shower using the hot water. The pump is switched by the switch outside next to the towel rail timer, but the shower will operate with it switched off if you prefer lower water pressure.

The shower in the basement also works from the hot water. The shower door does not close well and tends to leak. Please make sure it is firmly closed, especially at the bottom. Useful for showering the dog after a muddy walk though!

Important Rules

We should be grateful if guests would help us by following these guidelines:

Local Information

The Cornwall Council web site provides a lot of useful information regarding the local area.

The Polruan web site is very useful.

Contact details

I can be contacted: Tel: 01223 977326 Mob: 07770 902001 Email:


The following manuals are available for various appliances in the house